Filter Expanded Mesh 3mm Hole

Filter Expanded Mesh 3mm Hole In Roll


We mainly produce expanded metal mesh, aluminum plate mesh, expanded metal filter mesh, filter sheet, filter tube

Expanded metal mesh is a variety in the metal screen industry. Also known as metal plate mesh, diamond mesh, iron plate mesh, expanded metal mesh, heavy expanded metal mesh, pedal mesh, punched plate, aluminum plate mesh, stainless steel expanded metal mesh, granary mesh, antenna mesh, filter mesh, audio mesh, etc.

Expanded mesh refers to: the metal sheet is processed by special machinery (expanded mesh punching and shearing machine), and then it is formed into a stretched object with mesh condition.

Material Low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, nickel plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate and other metal plates.

expanded mesh
expanded filter

Flattened expanded metal mesh for filter cotton; Small expanded expanded metal mesh for filter ;Expanded mesh

2mm expanded metal
0.3mm expanded mesh

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