Happy Lantern Festival!

Friday, February 26, 2021 is the Lantern Festival for all Chinese. It is a happy festival. Especially the night is charming.
On this day, people hang up the lantern, and put riddle under it. Then comes the game: guess the riddle!

The one who guess the riddle right will win prizes. It’s like a PK game full of curious and laugh and happiness.
Also there is a series of traditional activities such as viewing lanterns, eating dumplings, and setting off fireworks.
In the evening, lanterns will be lighted. Makes a beautiful night!

Happy Lantern Festival (1)
Happy Lantern Festival (2)

Here we wish everyone have a best Lantern Festival!
Info: Activity and history of Lantern festival:

Eat Dumplings:
Lantern Festival is eaten on the 15th day of the first lunar month. "Yuanxiao" has been used as food for a long time in our country. In the Song Dynasty, a novel food for the Lantern Festival became popular among the folks. This kind of food was first called "Floating Yuanzi" and later "Yuanxiao", and businessmen also called it "Yuanbao". The Lantern Festival uses sugar, roses, sesame, bean paste, cinnamon, walnut kernels, nuts, jujube paste, etc. as fillings. The fillings are formed and rolled into glutinous rice flour. The glutinous rice balls are first made into skins with glutinous rice flour. It is made with stuffing, and the method is completely different. The Lantern Festival can be either meat or vegetarian, with different flavors. It can be boiled in soup, deep-fried, and steamed.

Guess the riddle:
Guessing lantern riddles is also called lantern riddles. It is a traditional activity of Lantern Festival. Lantern riddles were originally developed from riddles and originated in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period. The riddle hangs on the lamp for people to guess and shoot. It began in the Southern Song Dynasty. Southern Song Zhou Mi's "Old Things About Martial Arts?" "Deng Pin" records: "Use silk lanterns to cut poems, ridicule, and paint characters, hidden head lingo, and old Beijing language, teasing pedestrians." Lantern Festival, the emperor city never night, Spring Festival Lantern Festival, people Miscellaneous, poems, riddles, books are in the lamp, reflected in the candle, listed in the thoroughfare, allowing people to guess, so it is called "lantern riddles"

Mouse by mouse:
This activity is mainly for sericulture people. Because mice often eat large tracts of silkworms at night, people have heard that if they feed mice with rice porridge on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, they can skip silkworms. Therefore, these people boiled a large pot of slimy porridge on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and some of them covered it with a layer of meat. While reading a word, cursing the mouse to eat the silkworm baby to make it hard to die.

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