Powder coating high security system green 358 wire mesh fence anti climb anti theft panel

Powder coating high security system green 358 wire mesh fence anti climb anti theft panel

The advantages of 358 dense mesh fence

As the name suggests, dense mesh fence refers to a dense mesh fence, and the spacing of warp or weft is generally within 30mm. Such a small mesh can not be penetrated by fingers and wire pliers, which can effectively prevent climbing and vandalism.

Its surface treatment methods include plastic coating, electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, which can effectively prevent the dense-grained fence from being corroded and rusted and prolong its service life.

The 358 dense mesh fence also has the advantages of easy installation and wide field of vision.

Secondly, the dense-grained fence net can be used with the knife and barbed net, and the anti-climbing effect is better.

358 fence panel
security fence 358 mesh

Spot detention center high-density guardrail fence 358 dense mesh airport isolation protective net anti-cut dense hole mesh

Prison airport encrypted protective net anti-climbing isolation net 358 dense mesh prison fence net steel tile wall barbed wire

Y-column 358 prison anti-crawling net airport dense mesh encrypted welded mesh anti-terrorism guardrail

358 security fence
security wire mesh fence anti thieft fence

Foreign trade standard 358 dense mesh net anti-crawling long hole detention center anti-climbing net anti-cut dense hole net isolation net

4mm wire diameter, 12.5*76mm center hole mesh, wire mesh panel.

Dimension as customers request. Product is anti corrosion

358 dense mesh mesh spray plastic metal fence galvanized wire welding fence prison anti-climbing fence net foreign trade export

Hebei guardrail manufacturers customize 358 prison fence mesh encrypted steel wire anti-climb fence dense mesh airport fence

Dense mesh isolation fence 358 dense hole anti-climbing prison airport isolation mesh power plant mechanical equipment guardrail

Manufacturers supply 358 dense mesh anti-crawling defense military border high-density fence fence

Factory direct selling anti-climbing dense weave mesh Welding 358 dip plastic spraying thorn nail fence mesh Bending anti-crawling fence

Customized airport fence fence net 358 dense pit plum-shaped Y-column anti-climbing prison detention center fence net

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