Shipment: electro forged steel grating loading on truck ready for delivery

Shipment: electro forged steel grating loading on truck ready for delivery

Product: steel grating

Process: electro forged grating

Shape: customized shape as drawing, cutting and banding ends

Size: various

Surface: hot dip galvanized

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Differences between forge welding steel grating and manual welding steel grating


1. Machine welding: A 200-ton hydraulic resistance welding automatic pressure welding machine is used. The manipulator automatically places the crossbar on the evenly arranged flat steel, and press-welds the crossbar into the flat steel through strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure. High-quality finished steel gratings with strong solder joints, extremely high stability and strength can be obtained.

2. The manual welding steel grating is first punched on the flat steel, and then the cross bar is placed in the hole for electric welding. There will be pores between the cross bar and the flat steel, but each contact point can be welded to reach the flat steel. It has the same melting link with twist steel, so the welding will be stronger and the strength will be improved, but the appearance is not as good as pressure welding.


What are the specifications of steel grating:

1. The most commonly used material of ordinary steel grating is A36, S235jr, S355jr.

2. The most commonly used model of flat iron: 253 255 303 305 323 325 403 404 405 and other specifications. For the manufacture of flat irons, hot-rolled plates are made through large-scale slitting and shearing, so special flat irons can also be made. Toothed flat steel: The model is the same as that of popular flat steel. The difference is that the flat steel has uneven teeth on one side. The main thing is anti-slip.

3. I-type flat steel: the flat steel has both thick sides and thin center.

4. Twisted steel: also called twisted square steel.

5. Generally there are 5x5 6x6 8x8 square steel, twisted steel bars.


Specifications of steel grating:

1. Bearing bar pitch : conventionally 30, 40, 60 (mm); and non-standard spacing: 25, 34, 35, 50, etc.

2. Horizontal bar pitch : conventionally 50, 100 (mm); and non-standard spacing: 38, 76, etc.

3. Width: 20-60 (mm);

4. Thickness of bearing bar : 2-50 (mm).

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