Indonesia Thailand Solar walkway yellow FRP grating

Solar walkway yellow FRP grating Indonesia Thailand

How to choose the glass fiber reinforced plastic walkway board of photovoltaic roof maintenance channel?

Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the construction of photovoltaic power stations at or near the user's site.

Photovoltaic power generation has such a large market and huge development space, so how to choose a photovoltaic maintenance channel? You can choose FRP grating and FRP grating with

solar frp grating
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1. Corrosion resistance, never rust, long service life and maintenance-free.

2. Light weight and high strength are easy to cut and install.

3. Flame retardant, insulating, non-flammable, non-magnetic.

4, impact resistance, not easy to deform, reduce fatigue.

5. Strong designability, flexible and diverse dimensions, and stable dimensions.

6, with slight elasticity, enhance comfort and improve work efficiency.

7. Beautiful and easy to maintain. It is made by blending the color paste into all resins, and it is not limited to the surface like paint. The smooth surface full of resin and the inclined inner surface make the grille have a self-cleaning effect. Even if there is dirt, it is extremely easy to use water or detergent. Easy to rinse, leaving the grille surface clean as new.

8. It has better comprehensive economic benefits: its manufacturing cost is 1.4-1.8 times that of steel grating, its installation cost is only 20-40% of carbon steel, its maintenance cost is almost zero, and it can be The grid needs to be maintained every year, and the accumulated maintenance cost greatly exceeds the total cost of the factory grid. Although the initial investment cost is slightly higher than that of steel grating, the total economic benefit is 4-5 times that of steel grating.

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Solar walkway frp grating standard size:

FRP: fiberglass reinforced plastic grating

Specification: 25*38*38mm specification

Size: 400*2000mm, 400*3000mm, 500*2000mm, 500*3000mm

MOQ: 100 pcs

Resin type: Polyester resin, vinyl ester resin

Special request: Anti acid, anti alkali, Anti slip, Anti fire, Anti UV

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